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Minutes of the HACTAC Meeting of April 18, 2018




Attendance:  See Above


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The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm


Note:  All attachments referenced in these minutes are available either on mentioned e-mail addresses or at your public library; or questions to the DPUC may be addressed to peter.pescosolido@po.state.ct.us.    




A motion was made by Bill Stephenson and second by Penny Leto to accept the February minutes as presented.  Motion passed.  


Treasurer’s Report:


See Attached.  A motion was made by Bill Stephenson second by Alan Budkofsky to accept the February and March Treasurer’s report subject to audit.  Motion passed. 


Town Reports:




Zenobia advised they are looking for money so that they can hire an intern for the summer.  They created a U Tube channel and are trying to offer more on it.  There is some new programming being offered.  They are running one geared to seniors and one addressing questions on probate.   


The station is trying to work on a summer program.  It has been presented to leisure services.  Dick suggested they may want to get in touch with the Board of Ed for additional volunteers. 


Have a program for the summer geared toward seniors.  The station is trying to let people know they are here and get them involved.


Alan advised that the human resource building did get funded.  The existing building will be torn down and they will be building a new building.  The new building will be located next to the old and BATV will be moving in about a year and half. 


East Hartford:


Brenda advised that they are status quo.  Covering all Town council meetings and a democratic woman’s meeting. 


They need to have one of their cameras checked.  Without anyone touching it, it will move up and down.




Jeff advised that he did not have a chance to talk with Gil to get an update.  He apologized that he did not have anything to report.




Ken advised that the Historical Society approached the station to put together a video for the 350 year anniversary for the Town of Simsbury.  SCTV won a grant for $3000.00 from Ensign Bickford for an intern.  The station was the winner of an office madness contest for $2,000.00 worth of office furniture.  They will be holding an open house on May 1 at 7:00 pm to try and get more volunteers.  They received a donation from the Woman’s Club which they are going to use to get some artwork for the studio set. 


West Hartford:


No one in attendance.  Nothing to report.




Jen reported she is in the process of working on an expedited Community Investments Small Grant with the Hartford Foundation.  Their 6 year old server died.  The station has been sporadically off the air.  Newington called her and said they have a spare server that the station could use.  Up right now with a loaner from Leightronix. 


Frontier has just let them know they have been down for about a month due to a firewall issue.  The station cannot monitor it so she did not know they were off air.  Frontier gave the station their own channels in February.  The station numbers are 6102, 6103 and 6104. 


The station lost Dee White.  She moved to MA.  They were able to hire a new editor and videographer name Jamil Ahmed from Rocky Hill.  He will be assisting in studio production, editing and the after school and summer programs.


June 25 – Aug. 3, they have four (4) individual weeks of varying levels of TV and Film Production.  The last two (2) weeks is an advanced class called KIDVID Elite where the students had to audition by submitting a one (1) minute video.  They launched registration on Feb. 1 and by Feb. 4 it was sold out.  There is now a waiting list for anyone who wants to sign up.


Feedback from the viewers, love to watch program on demand on the stations U-Tube channel.  Viewers want a program guide and they want the station in HD.


Charles advised that the station does have a pretty robust following on Facebook. 




No one in attendance.  A report was received.  See attached.


NOTE:All complete reports appear in the DPUC reports available on-line from the DPUC.  See below for e-mail address.


Committee Reports:


Frontier/State Advisory Council:


Alan reported that Frontier did come to the Council meeting in November and they advised how they were going to give every station their own channel.  The reason being, with the new technology, the old format and equipment will not work so they had to give each station their own channel.


At the February meeting Comcast was there and promised support.  They will be giving the State Advisory council $2,000.00 a year.


A gentlemen from Trumbull was at the meeting and suggested lobbying the legislator into looking into a fee on internet use.  As things progress most things will be coming over the internet more than through cable.


Dick advised that the Comcast franchise will be over in, he thinks, a year.  The word on the street is they will be getting away from local councils and franchises and go to a Statewide Council and franchise. 


Legislative Committee Report:


Nothing to report.


Public Relations Committee Report:


Nothing to report. 


Nominating Committee:


Nothing to report.


Chairman’s Report:  Most memos concerning the DPUC are available on the web-site for the DPUC (www.state.ct.us/dpuc/database/htm)


See Attached.


Dick received an article from Claudette Miller that ran in the Gazette on Irene Cone.  A copy will be included with these minutes.


HACTAC e-mail address:  HACTAC@yahoo.com




None received.  The address to submit a complaint is HACTAC  P. O. Box 42, Simsbury, CT  06070


Old Business:


Dick brought up for discussion if anyone has any ideas about HACTAC. 


Zenobia feels that the stations should talk together.  There are a lot of talented people involved and they should get together to discuss various ideas. 


Jeff brought up that he feels that a lot of the station managers do not realize that HACTAC is there to help the stations.  Zenobia feels we should invite them to the meetings and advise them that they are being invited to educate HACTAC so that HACTAC can try and help them.  Tell us what is going on at their stations.  Maybe other stations are doing something that others can use. 


Penny feels it may be hard for station managers as they also have a limited amount of time.  They are working with volunteers and have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders.


Jeff feels that if we can bring the PEG PETIA grant back that would be helpful to each of the stations.  Dick feels that is a key point.  That is something the council should be doing to help the stations. 


Penny felt if we are going the way of state council, we need to look at dealing with the transition and look into how we can be helpful to the stations during the transition. 


Dave suggested the members check the PURA website for updates on their stations.  Stations should be sending copies of their reports to HACTAC.


Dick asked the members to get a copy of the report and bring it to the next meeting. 


Dave felt that that station managers might not know what HACTAC is there to do for them.  Another item the council could work on is getting local stations listed on the program channel. 


Jeff suggested inviting that stations managers to the meeting and ask them what HACTAC can do to help them and what their challenges are.  Zenobia asked how we can get them to change their feelings on HACTAC. 


Ken Picard did provide a quote for keeping the website up to date.  We will hold off on this for a month as Vitali did reach out to us and will be updating the website. 


New Business:


One of the responsibilities of HACTAC is to address complaints.  Charles called Comcast about a problem he and his parents were having .  He was advised that there would not be a charge for the repair.  The repair was made but when both he and his parents received their bills, there was a charge.  Charles feels it is very unfair for Comcast to do this, especially to the elderly who will pay their bill rather than complain.


Charles was wondering if HACTAC would like to do something on Facebook .  Charles volunteered to set up a Facebook page.  Would like to post the mission statement, how to file a complaint or any events. 


A motion was made by Claudette Miller and second by Dave Raney to have Charles set up a Facebook page.  Motion passed.


Dick brought up for discussion the possibility of having a summer picnic.  He also asked if it should be open for members to bring their significant other.  The member’s meal would be paid for; guests would need to pay. 


Alan suggested Northwest Park as a possible location for the picnic.  Dave and Charles mentioned Washington Park.  The Tavern at Keeney Park was also suggested.


A possible date for the picnic is June 20, 2018.  Details will follow. 


Dave asked would it be advantages for HACTAC to go to the station managers meeting.  All advised that you need to be invited. 


Schedule 2017-2018:


Sept. 20, 2017                       No meeting.  Did not have a quorum

October 18, 2017                  East Hartford  Town Hall basement 740 Main St.

November 15, 2017              Simsbury – Simsbury Library Hopmeadow St.

December                               No Meeting

January 17, 2018                  Holiday Meeting – Cancelled due to weather

February 21, 2018                West Hartford – Town Hall 50 South Main St. Meeting was held in


March 21, 2018                     Windsor – LP Wilson Community Center 599 Mantianuck Ave. –

                                                            No meeting due to weather

April 18, 2018                       Bloomfield 330 Park St. - Meeting was held in Windsor

May 16, 2018                        Hartford – Veeder Place 20-28 Sargeant St.

June 20, 2018                        Comcast – 222 New Park Drive,Berlin



AdjournmentAs there was no additional business to come before the Board, a motion was made by Jeff Stewart and second by Penny Leto to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Next Meeting and Location:


The next meeting will be May 16, 2018 in Hartford starting at 7:00 PM.



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